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David M. James BSc(Hons) PGDip CEng FIET

Based in Hertfordshire, UK, David has spent almost forty years developing radio communications test and measurement solutions, initially with Marconi Instruments and latterly with Anritsu and his own consulting business, Monrose Services Ltd.

Starting at Marconi Instruments during a time when microprocessors were being introduced into test and measurement equipment, he was able to explore the possibilities of this new technology and was a key technical contributor to a number of successful microwave products, including the award-winning 6200 Series Microwave Test Set in 1990 and later the 6800 Series Microwave Systems Analyser. He spent many years with Marconi Instruments as a technical department head recruiting and developing the next generation of young engineers. He was actively involved in the undergraduate sponsorship and mentoring scheme. As Head of Software he managed the software engineering, digital signal processing and technical publications departments. He took a leading role in process improvement initiatives, and was the architect of the company's New Product Development Process (1993).

Between 2000 and 2002 he contributed to the establishment of the software engineering group in the UK-based RF Power Measurement Division of Giga-tronics Inc.

In 2008, after several years as an independent consultant working on assignments for leading test and measurement equipment manufacturers, he was approached by Anritsu Ltd. to manage an Applied Solutions department, specialising in developing bespoke solutions for major customers.

Later he was appointed Engineering Manager for the Short Range Wireless group for a challenging project involving close collaboration with hardware and software engineering teams in Japan. The outcome of this was the MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set intended for production use. In parallel the UK team continued with the development of the market-leading MT8852B Bluetooth Test Set.

From time to time he contributed "hands on" at Anritsu, particularly in the fields of instrument control architectures (in particular the segmented IQ data capture architecture of the MT8870A), application development in c#, identification of patentable intellectual property and technical writing. Japanese colleagues frequently requested his help with English language translations of customer-facing documents and to advise on user interface design.

Larger Projects: Collaboration

If, during initial discussions or the preparation of a Proposal, it becomes apparent that a client's project requirements are likely to exceed the capacity of Monrose Services, or lie outside our technical capabilities, we will offer to work in collaboration with other organisations while taking overall responsibility for the management of the project. Monrose maintains links to a number of businesses and consultants, with whom we have collaborated on previous projects, covering software engineering, technical writing, analogue, digital and RF hardware design, human factors engineering and marketing.

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